It is quite a known fact that a large number of women would like to be cuddled after sex, while most men would rather go to sleep or just be left alone. Men and women have diverse penchants in physiological responses after sex. Studies have shown that most women would rather cuddle than have sex; this fits the need they have for closeness and intimacy.

Cuddling has been an issue for many men because they feel it is too effeminate. Many men have a hard time exposing their feelings and when it is cuddling time, women tend to be very personal and open that some men shrink from the idea alone. There are many men who cannot handle this experience and don’t know how to cuddle with women.

In this how to video you'll learn how to avoid trapping your arm while hugging? This how-to video gives you the options in this cuddling kama sutra. Don't ever get trapped under someones arm in bed again.

Dating Humor: How To Avoid Trapped Arm Whilst Cuddling In Bed

So which style is the best for you ?

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